Love me some chicken noodle soup!

Posted in Food, Life by Elizabeth on January 24, 2010

Well it’s been pretty cold outside and is definitely the season for soup!

Of course you can have soup year round and there are some great summer ones too – but this is the I’m cold to the core, it’s snowy, I’d prefer to wear a blanket around the house at all times, perfect soup time of year.

I discovered this small independent business the other day called Spoonful of Comfort. This company will make and ship soup (and even some rolls and cookies) to your loved ones!  Sure you’d love to make and send your own soup, but talk about a hassle finding the right packaging and getting it to the UPS store and making sure it gets there in time.  My thinking is, eat your own soup at home and use Spoonful of Comfort as a wonderfully warming gift!  The story behind how the company came to be is definitely worth a read.  I have to admit too, that when I found this I almost wished someone I knew had a cold so I could send them some soup!  Of course, with the chilly weather, a delivery of homemade chicken noodle soup is always welcome.  So I have yet to try the soup or send it to someone else to try.  But I think it is a fantastic idea and one worth keeping in mind for cold times, sick times, and just for the heck of it times!

Put some vitamins on your face!

Posted in Beauty by Sarah on January 20, 2010

For the past two years I have been plagued by blotchy, uneven, stressed-out skin on my face.  Growing up, I never had this problem.  Bad skin is supposed to be an awkward teenager problem, not one for us grown-up gals!  I don’t know if the change in my skin tone is a result of exposure to San Francisco weather or the stress of being a lawyer, or both.

Having been too busy for a trip to a dermatologist (and a little bit nervous about what the diagnosis might be), I have tried a bunch of different products to try to clear things up and, until lately, had little success.

I think I have found a magical cure, though:  Vitamin E!  Vitamin E is a great moisturizer and is also an antioxidant.  So, while its moisturizing it is supposed to help heal damage from things like sun exposure and free radicals.  It is also supposed to heal skin that has been badly scarred (Mom put it on her finger when it was badly injured a few years ago).  Since I’ve started using it the skin on my face has been clear, even in tone, and doesn’t look stressed out!

I use this product by Jason that I get at Whole Foods.  It is really mild and my guess is that it is gentle on the senstive skin of all us Forney gals.  Let me know what you think if you try it!

You’ll catch cold like that!

Posted in Beauty by Elizabeth on January 14, 2010

Don’t you hate winter time?  I’m talking getting out of that warm cozy bed in the morning to a chilly bedroom and cold floor.  Even worse is getting out of the shower – hurriedly picking out clothing to put on your shivering not yet dry body.  Well to top that off, you didn’t leave yourself enough time this morning and walk out to work, school, life with a wet head.  (Cue mom, Put a hat on that wet head! You’ll catch cold like that!).  The dreaded freezing outside contacts that wet head, dropping your core temperature to a miserable degree.  And maybe, just maybe, if it’s cold enough, you discover little icicles in your hair by the time you reach your destination (sad).


Enter hair dryers.  BaByBliss makes great hair dryers.  My hair takes FOREVER to dry (Meredith can attest to this).  While Forney hair may be fine, there sure is a whole lot of it on our heads.  My curls exacerbate the issue and cause longer drying time.  Then I bought this hair dryer.  It dries my hair so wondrously fast!  I don’t need that extra 30 minutes in the morning for drying.  It’s incredible!  I recommended this to Andrea over the holidays – Andrea, what do you think of it?

So if you are in need of a new hair dryer, or would like to cut down on some drying time in the morning to save you from the terrible head icicles, give this baby a whirl!

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