a quick fix meal

Posted in Food by Elizabeth on April 27, 2010

Last night I came home from work and was pretty hungry (as usual).  But I was also tired and ready to relax, not quite in the cook a big meal mood.  To solve my dilemma, I made a tasty little salad(it was actually quite big).  After noting what was in my pantry and fridge (cucumbers, tomatoes, cannellini beans, and a red onion), I picked up some basil, fresh mozzarella, and a little baguette.  So basically I combined everything.  I chopped the cucumber, toms, and mozz nice into nice chunky pieces.  In went about a quarter of a diced red onion for a little bite (opt for some scallions if you’d like it mild).  I added about half a can of cannellini beans.  This was a nice addition for the protein that I wanted, but was nice on the wallet (versus a steak, or even chicken).  While all this was going on, I also reduced some balsamic vinegar and toasted a few slices of baguette drizzled with olive oil.  Finally, I tore up some basil (I like to tear the basil rather than chop it since it is easily bruised when chopping), dressed the salad, added salt and pepper to taste and voila!  In just about 10 minutes I had a tasty and filling dinner – even without meat!


Get Naked!

Posted in Food, Health and Fitness by Elizabeth on April 15, 2010

ok not literally.

I mean get Naked Juice!  Whenever I workout I try to have one of these afterwards.  As you may (or may not) know, after you exercise your body is sugar deprived.  It is in an catabolic state and needs to be rebalanced.  Getting immediate sugar replacements after your workout is one of the best ways to get your muscles and tissues to rebuild since you just spent all that energy and sweat breaking them down.  Ideally, if you’re lifting, you make sure there is protein with this sugar replacement.  So you could do the smoothies that some gyms offer, or you could down some Gatorade or maybe a protein shake.   But my favorite way to get back to an anabolic state is with these Naked Juices.  I LOVE the protein zone (I opt for the original, though they have berry or mango protein drinks too).  Let’s say you’re planning a big steak dinner though and have tuna for lunch, you’re pretty well set with protein.  But after that 40 minute treadmill session your legs feel a little wobbly.  In this case, just go for the sugar!  The Green Machine Superfood is another favorite of mine for this occasion.  I have to say, the best part about these juices is that they are all natural.  There are not preservatives or additives.   Each bottle tells you on the side what is in it, and how much – like the Blue Machine has 27 blueberries, 3 black berries, 3 1/4 apples, and 1 banana inside.  And that’s it.  It actually is cost effective (surprisingly) to get this bottle rather than buying the apples, blueberries, black berries, and banana and making it yourself!  Anyway, in addition to being great to have at the most optimal time to consume sugar during your day, these just plain taste great.   So, as I said before, get Naked!

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