Links we love

Listed below are links to some websites we visit regularly.  What’s your favorite daily (or weekly) visit?

food related:

Smitten Kitchen:  Enter a New York kitchen with a quirky cook whose recipes run the gambit.  Simple, complex, summer, winter, sweet, savory.  She does it all.  Bonus?  She includes photos of her too cute for words tot!

101Cookbooks:  Heidi Swanson’s obsession with cookbooks led to the creation of this blog.  And thank goodness!  Her vegetarian recipes highlight the full flavor and benefits of all natural cooking.  Elizabeth has made many a recipe from this site and she loves each one.  With her photography background, Swanson’s images are stunning, making her recipes that much more enticing.  For those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, Cook’s Illustrated is something like the “Bible.”  The folks at Cooks Illustrated are on a constant quest to perfect recipes and find the best kitchen equipment.  With unbelievable patience, they test and re-test to craft the ultimate recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies, the very best methods for marinating meat, and put all kinds of kitchen equipment through the ringer so that they can recommend the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to skillets, food storage, and much much more.

Summer TomatoAuthor Darya Pino offers a reliable resource for natural and healthy eaters with this website.  Pino states, “Summer Tomato is not a diet, it’s an upgrade”.  Her upbeat blog posts certainly make upgrading your own kitchen to natural easy. Find naturally wholesome recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, and answers to those sciencey food questions here.

The Kitchn:  An Apartment Therapy website for all things kitchen related.  From design, to pantry staples, to yummy recipes.  Browse this site for all your kitchen needs (and to gawk at all the beautiful apartment kitchens).

music & entertainment related:

Pandora:  As most people already do, but for those who don’t, enter artist or genre of choice and stream music that Pandora categorizes as “like” your selection.  Great for parties or passing the work hours.

Pitchfork Great music review site.  Here you can preview select tracks from albums in their entirety before purchasing.  Word of warning – their reviewers can be stiff with their 9 and 10 ratings.  Be sure to check out 6-8 artists and albums, most are noteworthy (and probably underrated).

Rotten Tomatoes:  The “go to” movie review site.  Movie reviews from across the country are compiled & movies are rated accordingly on a percentage scale of 0-100 and the site offers a collection of reviews from many publications.  Movies closer to 100% are considered the “fresher” tomatoes (the better movies) while movies closer to 50% are rotten.  Toy Story 3 is “Certified Fresh.”  Yes.  Want to know the cool haps in your hood?  If you live in Chicago, SF, NY, DC (and a few other cities), check this site out.  They employ people who’ve got their ear to the ground on new places that are opening, from restaurants to hip/hipster shops.

fashion & shopping related:

The Sartorialist:  Scroll through pages upon pages of fantastic street photography.  The author moved from marketing and sales of high end fashion companies to the streets, camera in hand.  He has a unique eye for fashion and travels his pants off; put these two together and you get street fashion from China, to Milan, to New York.  See what everyone is wearing and how to wear it well!

OutblushThe ladies who run this site troll the web daily for amazingly adorable items to add to your closet, your living room, your makeup counter, and more.   Recently they’ve added a personal shopper feature for those with urgent/unique requests or who are just too lazy to search for themselves.

health & fitness

Fit Sugar:  Think of this as a kind of fitness search engine.  The Fit Sugar site compiles fitness articles and videos from all kinds of fitness resources like Health and Shape magazines.  The blog is also a great resource for the latest fitness crazes, injury advice, and other health tips.

Psoas Massage and BodyWork:  In San Francisco for awhile?  Stop by Psoas for a massage.  Sarah swears by this place.  When you’re not in San Fran, check out their website for their thorough stretching guide.

just for fun:

hipster puppies:  Because puppies can be hipsters too.  Wear your skinny jeans and grab a PBR, you may be awhile at this tumblr.

Digg:  compiles links to the most popular and hilarious news stories and events that people around the world “digg”

Fail Blog:  You are cordially invited to laugh at other people’s mistakes.  This blog offers great and immediate comic relief.  It was one of Elizabeth’s go to websites during grad school when she was in desperate need of a break.  Enjoy.

Wikipedia:  Contains answers to all of life’s questions.

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