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I hopped on the train last Friday afternoon and headed up to NYC to visit my old roomie, Laura.

Since I got on an early train, we were able to plan a dinner for Friday night.  We enjoyed some wine at the bar before eating at The Red Cat.  The food is New American with a bit of a southern twist (all the rage these days).  The shrimp corn cakes came highly recommended by our waiter, and we could see why – they were delicious.  This app was easy to split.  We also ordered the sauteed cod and the grilled pork loin.  We both loved the cod but I’d have to say (and I can’t believe I’m going to) the pork dish didn’t need the pork on it.  Ah!!  All in all though it was an excellent meal.

Saturday was brunch at Good…it was good.  Ok I take that back, it was GREAT.  Its name does not do it justice.  If you go here for brunch, come hungry, the portions are large and their homemade breads are sinfully good (there’s that word again!).

Hey, we know that guy!

From there we headed to the Flatiron District to meet up with Steve.  We wandered into Union Square through the farmer’s market that had an amazing display.  I snatched up some local honey and we sampled some good old Pennsylvania sourdough pretzels.

Our next stop was Eataly.  The weekend crowd meant a bit of a wait to get into the actual store, and lots of people inside.  The selection was abundant and mouth watering.  Laura and I picked up some cheese and hot soppresata to enjoy later.  I grabbed some dried garbanzo beans after hearing they are basically incomparably better than canned beans.  I will soak and cook some later this week.  Steve’s basket slowly filled with the fixings of what looked like a delicious Italian meal: prosciutto, freshly made dried linguine, pasta sauce, and a crusty loaf of bread to top it off.  The sauce is worth going back for, so I hear.

Later that night Laura and I wandered through the newly renovated High Line, now a perfect oasis in the middle of the city.  It was a beautiful night for a walk.

Bing Travel Price Predictor

Posted in Technology, Travel by Sarah on October 12, 2009

For anyone planning travel in the coming months – and that’s a lot of us! – I recommend you check out Bing Travel:

This website includes a 7 day price predictor that aggregates data from millions of round-trip, priced flight itineraries and countless combinations of origins and  destinations.  Like, Bing Travel aggregates & compiles the best travel prices and deals for the flights your searching.*


What really makes Bing great though, is that it makes airfare price predictions.  Based on rate trends and patterns, Bing will tell you whether you should wait, hold, or buy and will tell you the percentage chance that the price of the flight you’d like is going to go up, down, or remain unchanged.

For example, I’m searching for my flights home for Christmas & Bing is telling me to wait – there is a 76% chance that the fares for the flights I’m looking at will drop by more than $50.  Sweet!

* Note:  I don’t think Bing searches some discount airlines like JetBlue and Southwest.


Posted in Travel by Meredith on August 24, 2009

Andy and I took a trip this weekend to Carmel-By-The-Sea, a little beach town about 100 miles south of San Francisco.  Even though it was quite foggy and cold, it was still fabulous to see the Pacific Ocean, feel the sand between out toes, taste the salty air, get bitten by beach flies, and attacked by disgusting seaweed.  It’s all a part of beach fun!  We enjoyed the small town’s art galleries and restaurants, and also hit up Monterey Bay’s aquarium which was really cool.  We spent a lot of time with the sea otters who are insanely  cute and cuddly!!  We drove around this area called 17-mile Drive and saw lots of coastline and some of the Pebble Beach golf course (waddup Tiger!) on our way out of town.  It was a great mini getaway.  Here is a taste of our pictures from the weekend.

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