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Posted in Fashionistas by Sarah on March 11, 2010

I just got a new catalog in the mail yesterday for a clothing store I had never heard of:  Boden.  The clothes in the catalog remind me of a mix of clothes from The Limited, Gap, AE, Anthropologie, and Ann Taylor.  Sounds like a crazy combo, I know!  They’ve been in the U.S. since 2002, so I’m not sure how they’ve gone unnoticed by a little shop-a-holic like myself.

The clothing caught my eye not because it’s “edgy” or totally fashionista (it’s actually relatively safe); instead it caught my eye because they have simple designs, great color combos, and offer lots of “essentials”.  It’s a little more down-home, gal-next-door kind of store, but it’s different enough that you won’t blend in with all the other ladies in their go-to-school/work uniform.

They have a HUGE collection, so this may be a good place to stock up on the spring wardrobe!   I do believe there is something in here for each and every Forney lady.  Here are a few samples of catalog highlights that I thought a few of you might like!


Posted in Beauty by Elizabeth on March 5, 2010

Winter or summer, your feet have a rough time of it.  The winter is dry and cold, hard for the tough skin on the bottom of your feet.  Summer time means flipflops and sandy beaches, also rough on the feet.   How many commercials have you seen for things meant to solve rough, cracked feet?  Clearly it’s a problem.  Especially when you want to wear sandals or curl up barefoot next to your significant other.  I do two things to make sure my feet, especially my heels, stay nice and smooth and soft.

First, about once a week (though sometimes more, especially in the summer) I use a pummice stone in the shower.  If you’re starting with some sorry sad feet, it will take a few weeks to get to a nice soft skin.  Either way, this stone takes all the dry and dead skin off your feet.  I concentrate on the heels and the balls of my feet.  This is definitely the product to use to exfoliate your skin.  No one should have to use a pedi-egg (ick).   And for those who are sticking to a budgeted shower time, this really only adds one minute tops to your shower schedule.   You can pick up a pummice stone up at almost any store – CVS carries them.   I got mine at Whole Foods.  Don’t blow your budget on it though.  I mean, it’s a stone.

After the shower, whether I pummiced or not, I put on body butter.  This stuff is LOADED with moisture and is perfect to soften the skin on your feet.  My body butter of choice is the coconut cream body butter from Sephora.  They have all different scents though – so to each her (or his) own! I put this on after showers and sometimes before bed too.  It is great to put it on before putting on socks which helps the moisture to sink into your skin and really help heal your skin.  The same goes for right before bed; crawling under your sheets with freshly applied lotion encourages the lotion to get deep into your skin.  On a side note, I also use this body butter on the back of my arms and elbows, a problem dry skin area of mine.  Don’t skimp on other body parts – body butter is great for it.  So please, take care of your feeties!  No embarrassing dry heels, show off your feet in sandals, play footsie with your significant other or a stranger for that matter!  With these two simple steps you’ll have fantastic healthy feet!

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