Taco Tsunday!!

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In the spirit of my love for fish tacos, Becky and I decided to celebrate taco Tuesday a bit early and make them on a Sunday, officially making this day, Tsunday.

1.) The “sauce” is comprised of mayonnaise, diced jalapenos, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and a dash of lime juice. Mix well and put in the fridge until the tacos are ready for serving.

2.) Fish of choice, wild caught Pacific Cod (typically any white flaky fish will do). This fish is approximately $12/lb, and I purchased 5oz for $4 that yielded 4 well stuffed tacos. Begin by removing any bones and sectioning the fish into manageable pieces.

3.) Slice the fish into strips 2″ – 4″ long depending on your preference.

4.) Bread the fish strips per usual with a three step process of (1. flour, 2. egg, 3. bread crumbs)

5.) Heat a considerable amount of oil in a skillet until pan is hot (medium-high heat should do). In this case, the entire bottom of the pan was covered with a thin layer of oil. Place the breaded fish strips into the pan and turn as they brown/crisp. This may begin happening in the first minute or two. I cooked these strips for 6 minutes total, turning and flipping the pieces constantly to get an even crispiness and golden brown color.

6.) Remove the fish and allow to cool on a paper towel, which will also absorb the extra oil.

7.) Heat two small corn tortillas (each taco should have two tortillas) on top of each other in another skillet. Once they are warm, move to a place to begin constructing the taco!

8.) In taco: Cooked fish, the “sauce”, cabbage/carrot mixture (store bought in this case), radish slices, cilantro, avocado, another squirt of lime juice, and hot sauce!

9.) Serve with chips and salsa (wooden bowls purchased at a second-hand store for $1 each).

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Lobster Rolls!

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For Valentine’s Day, I decided to make Rebe her favorite meal… lobster rolls! To make these, I went to the Berkeley Bowl and picked up 2 Maine lobsters each about 1.2lbs thinking that I would need that much meat. It turns out these two little pinching critters yield more meat than I was expecting, but hey – more lobster ain’t so bad! [These two lobsters provided enough meat for 5 lobster rolls, keep that in mind when doing this for yourself] I placed them both in the freezer for about 20 minutes to calm them down before boiling. Gary quickly went to sleep and remained quite calm after chilling in the ice box, however his mate was a different story. Jermaine knew what was up. That little pinchey sucker tried to run right off the stove top! Luckily, I was able to out wit his tactics and picked him up and placed him back in his original position repeatedly. Sometimes, I would let him get a little further than the last attempt – however, I stopped that as this was likely crushing to his lobster psyche. To the pot he went, along side Gary. Neither put up too much of a fight as they accepted their fates. Some experience remorse for killing their lobsters while they are alive, however all animals are alive while they are killed so this is natural. I also subscribe to the school of thought that if you kill it, eat it. So that’s just what we did!

(1) 10-15 minutes in a large boiling pot of water

(2) 5 minute ice bath post-boil to prevent over cooking

(3) “Treasure hunt” to find the meat through large knives and an industrial hammer (cover the lobster with a towel when striking with a hammer, trust me)

(4) Combine the chopped meat with mayonnaise, diced celery, salt/pepper, and lemon juice.

(5) Melt butter into a pan and toast the buns open face and face down

(6) Put lobster roll mix into the warm toasted bun and serve with chips!

(6.1) Get brownie points for the chips

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