Welcome to ForneyLife!

This site was developed for and by the Forney sisters to share advice and experiences, in only the way sisters can.

Here’s a little more about us….

Mama:  Don’t know how, but she raised all 5 of us!  She’s always on the go, working, watching shows, traveling, and keeping up with all of us!

Andrea:  She’s a workin’ woman & a mom to boot!  She’s also the master of many fantastic recipes on this site, including the salsa & guac and the huevos rancheros.  She’s got a weakness for Petunia Pickle Bottom…and math.

Sarah:   This busy professional loves finding time for early morning runs and enjoys whipping up easy/awesome goodness like the Berries N’at smoothie.  She loves the simple and natural things but has a hard time saying no to chocolate chip cookies.

Elizabeth:  Our resident editor!  When she’s not devouring books, she’s acting as sous chef to Adam and honing her culinary craft.  She loves checking out the stock in the dc boutiques and her weekly pilates fix.

Meredith:   This cheerful gal enjoys hanging by the pool, living the good word and spreading her contagious good mood to others.  Ask her about Harry Potter or the Pittsburgh Steelers – she’s prepared to talk in depth about either!

Ainsley:  The newest addition to the Forney ladies!  She’s just one year old and adorable as ever.  Hobbies include batting her long eyelashes, waddling around, and saying her favorite words “mango” and “baby”.

Mike:  Not a Forney gal, but a Forney nonetheless.  The baby bro rides his bike to his new job downtown and serves our country with honor.  You go, bro.

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  1. ReadersHeaven said, on September 21, 2010 at 3:54 am

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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