Kick Coke to the Curb

Posted in Food, Health and Fitness by Sarah on May 22, 2010

Up until about a year ago I was a HUGE fan of soda… Coke Zero to be precise.  L-o-v-e-d it.  Partly because it was so sweet and bubbly and delicious, partly because it kept me up in the afternoons (and probably, partly because mom & dad never let us have it growing up!).  But after drinking it I always felt kinda gross and a little unsatisfied.  And I kept hearing that all of that fake sugar, aspartame, that was in there could lead to cancer.  So, I decided to kick the coke to the curb, and haven’t had soda in about a year.

You may be on the edge of your seat wondering how I manage to stay awake in the afternoons and what I drink instead.   Water water water, first and foremost.

But,  I also have found a new friend: Kombucha.

Kombucha is a “raw food” drink made from cultures that grow in water.   If you are not disgusted at this point, read on…

Seriously, the whole “raw” thing is enough to turn a lot of people off.  But, I kept an open mind and gave it a shot, and loved it!  Kombucha is a refreshing and natural drink that is low in calories and has the potential to be really good for you!

Kombucha comes in lots of different flavors and comes both in “raw” form as well as in a line of “synergy” drinks that seem to be combined with a little bit of juice to give it a little more flavor.  The synergy drinks are probably a good way to get introduced to Kombucha.  My favorite flavor is the raw Gingerade, though.

Kombucha is served cold and is so refreshing.  It sometimes has zingy, zesty little bubbles that helps perk me up for the afternoon.   A whole bottle of Kombucha is only 60 calories and is great to sip on throughout the afternoon to fight off the snack-attacks.  It also claims to have a lot of health benefits.  Although I’m a bit skeptical of all of the things it claims to do for you, I generally feel better on days when I drink Kombucha.

Kombucha contains probiotics and antioxidants, which is good by me.  It is supposed to help normalize the acidity or pH in your liver, help balance your metabolism, and help you “detox”.  Some folks swear by it as something that helped them get through chemotherapy (the guy who developed the brand of Kombucha I drink was actually inspired by his mom, who drank Kombucha while going through a battle with breast cancer). Not all of these claims have been evaluated by the FDA.  So, I take this all with a grain of salt and enjoy my daily drink of delicious Kombucha.  I hope you try it too!

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