Bar Agricole

Posted in Food by Sarah on February 21, 2011

On Saturday night, six of us (including Uncle Pete & Aunt Meredith!) ventured out into the San Francisco rain for a lovely evening of cocktails and fine food at Bar Agricole.

Our night was transformed as we exited the wet and dreary dark city streets and entered the bustling agro-chic restaurant (LEED-certified and designed by Aidlin Darling Design).  Once we finished marveling at the decor, including the impressive glass sculptures that drape from the skylights (designed by local glass sculptor, Nikolas Weinstein) we settled in at our table and started in on the menus.

First, because Bar Agricole is known to shine with their old school cocktails, we each ordered a drink.  The orders ranged from the El Presidente and the Whiz Bang to the Turf Cocktail, Ti Punch, and Monkey’s Gland.  We each were convinced our own drinks were the best, though that didn’t stop us from trying each others!

Monkey's Gland!

Next we moved to the appetizers and small plates for sharing.  We enjoyed oysters in the half-shell, sea urchin on toast, smoked crod coquettes (with a luscious smoky flavor!), and chopped liver on toast.  The rich chicken liver stole the show.

What am I, chopped liver? Yes.

As we conversed over the appetizers we perused the menu, which changes regularly based on what ingredients are fresh.  Our servers were wonderful and extremely knowledgeable as well.  Many of our orders came on their recommendation.  For our entrees, we had almost everything on the menu between the six of us!

We had turnip green soup with green garlic and semolina dumplings (perfect for soaking up the soft and hearty wheat bread on the table); nettle polenta with brussel sprouts, black trumpets and a fried egg;

Notice the Fried Egg?

Nettle Polenta

grilled white sea bass with white beans, broccoli, and green olives;

Grilled White Sea Bass

rabbit saddle with prosciutto, mustard greens, and black-olive kumquat tapenade;

Rabbit Saddle


milk-braised pork shoulder with lemon, sage, red bor kale and green onions;

Pork Shoulder

short ribs with farro, rainbow chard and scarlet turnips;

Short Ribs


and yogurt-marinated lamb loin and sausage with purple carrots and cilantro.


Lamb Loin (With Purple Carrots!)


Of course, we enjoyed it all with a unique and complex Arbois by Jaques Puffeney, which he allows to oxidize as it ferments into wine in barrels, giving it an older, richer flavor than most wines.


Last but not least, and though we were quite satisfied, we split two desserts:  the brown butter cake with candied kumquats and the apple and medjool date turnovers with cardamom anglaise.  These desserts were so good that we finished them up over coffee before I could snap a photo.

Dessert Was Delicious!

Fully stuffed, we all took a moment to sit back and reflect on the wonderful night.  Nothing beats good food over a family table, and that’s just what it felt like at Bar Agricole.


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