Dark Chocolate Mocha Truffles

Posted in Food, Recipes by Elizabeth on November 4, 2010

In preparation for a much anticipated Thanksgiving dinner, mom and I made a test batch of dark chocolate mocha truffles, just one of the desserts that will follow the meal.  This particular recipe came from ACKC – a delicious chocolate shop located on 14th street NW (with another location in Alexandria).


  • 13 ounces of semi-sweet (or bittersweet) chocolate
  • one stick of unsalted butter
  • 1/4 c. heavy cream
  • 2 TBSP of instant (dry) espresso
  • 1 TBSP coffee liqueur (we used Kahluha)
  • Dutch processed cocoa powder
  • I also recommend having some latex disposable gloves – your hands will get very messy (see picture below)

Melt the chocolate in double boiler, then allow to rest. Alternatively, melt at  50% power in microwave at one minute intervals until smooth. 3 intervals are needed. Allow to rest.  Beat one stick of unsalted butter until smooth (tip: chop butter into about 8 like-size chunks, beat with electric mixer on low speed till smooth).  Heat until just boiling the heavy cream with the instant espresso and coffee liqueur.  Pour heated cream over melted chocolate.  Stir until smooth, then add to butter and whip together…scrape sides of bowl to ensure all butter is completely blended into the chocolate.

When smooth, allow to chill in refrigerator until firm, about 4 hours (we left ours over night – we had places to go and people to see!)

Take the chilled chocolate – using an ice cream scoop (or large spoon), scoop up enough chocolate to roll into 1 inch balls (we made them smaller–think buckeye size!).  Toss/roll into Dutch processed cocoa powder till completely coated.  The truffles are ready to serve! Stored in an airtight container in a cool place – they will keep for about 3-4 weeks; at room temp, they keep about 7 – 10 days.  According to ACKC, the recipe yields 25 truffles.  We were NOT rolling these at ACKC size – our much smaller (and wonderfully popable) truffles yielded just under 70!  Remember, because the chocolate used is high in cocoa and low in sugar additives (like all the best chocolates), these guys are rich.  In my opinion, the smaller truffles are the perfect size.  Enjoy!


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