King Arthur in 3 inches of water

Posted in Entertainment, Life by Elizabeth on October 25, 2010

This weekend Mom graced DC with her presence.  We had a great time making some truffles, shopping around the MidCity area, and eating some yummy buttermilk pancakes.

Saturday evening Mom, Adam, Michael, and I had an early dinner at Filomena before heading into Crystal City, Virginia home to Synetic Theater.  This unique theater company does what it calls “physical theater”.  It is essentially a mix of modern dance, stage combat, and pantomime.  That’s right, there are no words.  Well, some performances have some dialog, but the majority of productions are about physical the physical interpretation and telling of stories.  Previous productions include Hamlet, to Faust, to Dante.

This production of King Arthur was fantastic.  Guinevere was a fierce warrior woman, Lancelot a big lug, and Arthur epitomized masculinity, at least when he was in possession of the sword. Either Merlin or Morgan le Fay or both were on stage at almost all times manipulating, observing, meddling.  The performance is stunning.  Oh – and the stage is covered in three inches of water.  Each battle, each dance, basically each time someone moved, water was splashing.  Those in the front rows wore ponchos.  Needless to say I will be heading back to Synetic as soon as possible for its next production.

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