Horseback Riding!

Posted in Life, Pictures by Sarah on October 10, 2010

This weekend, Meredith and I, along with Andy and Torre, took a short trip up to Tahoe for a fun fall adventure.  The adventure included horseback riding along the mountainside!  Horseback riding is something all of us had wanted to do before & was a first time for both me & Meredith.


Luckily we had perfect weather and found a horseback riding place open for its last weekend of the season.   Each of our horses had a lot of character, though they were all very well-behaved.  Meredith rode on “Annie,” a sweet and friendly gal,  Torre got “Hazel,” an old and rather tentative horse (but the most beautiful), and Andy got “Ace,” who brought up the rear but wanted to be in the front.  My horse was named 3 (yes, the number), who wanted to be right behind the leader!  We rode up and down hills, through creeks and mud puddles, in a totally picturesque forest for about an hour.  It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful.  Though we were all a little saddle-sore the next day, we all agreed it was worth it!

The view from our room!

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