Glamorous Golden Shoes

Posted in Fashionistas by Sarah on July 20, 2010

It’s been a long time since I’ve said this to a pair of shoes, but… hello, lover!

Seriously, I have surprisingly put my little shop-a-holic tendencies aside this year and have not succumbed to fashion-website-browsing.  But I did find these beautiful babies on Anthropologie and confess that I am tempted to splurge!

Perhaps it’s the description of the Waving Grain pumps that really got me:  Quilted, golden-wheat leather undulates across this heeled pair as if rustling in an unseen breeze.

All poetic lusciousness aside, these kicks are quite adorable.  They would spice up any outfit at work and they’d look so funky-fresh paired with some jeans.

The price tag is not so adorable, but for a gal who hasn’t spent too much this year on her wardrobe, I maaaay be able to justify snagging them.  Perhaps I’ll have to go to the store and meet them in person, to see if they are as golden and glamorous as they appear in their photo.  😉


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