New (to Me)!

Posted in Fashionistas by Sarah on March 11, 2010

I just got a new catalog in the mail yesterday for a clothing store I had never heard of:  Boden.  The clothes in the catalog remind me of a mix of clothes from The Limited, Gap, AE, Anthropologie, and Ann Taylor.  Sounds like a crazy combo, I know!  They’ve been in the U.S. since 2002, so I’m not sure how they’ve gone unnoticed by a little shop-a-holic like myself.

The clothing caught my eye not because it’s “edgy” or totally fashionista (it’s actually relatively safe); instead it caught my eye because they have simple designs, great color combos, and offer lots of “essentials”.  It’s a little more down-home, gal-next-door kind of store, but it’s different enough that you won’t blend in with all the other ladies in their go-to-school/work uniform.

They have a HUGE collection, so this may be a good place to stock up on the spring wardrobe!   I do believe there is something in here for each and every Forney lady.  Here are a few samples of catalog highlights that I thought a few of you might like!


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