Posted in Food, Pittsburgh Pride by Elizabeth on November 22, 2009

I was in Pittsburgh this weekend and went to dinner Saturday night with Dad at Lidia’s Pittsburgh.  We both really enjoyed the restaurant.

we love Lidia

The service was top notch.  The server made sure each dish was explained, the entrees were not brought out until our salads were finished.  My plate was not taken if Dad were still eating his and vice versa.  And to top it off, our check was not brought until it was asked for.

On to the food.  Dad opted for the Pasta tasting.  This started with “cesare” salad.  Nothing impressive in his terms.  I’m never too enthused about something with an iceburg lettuce – just not much flavor to it.  My salad was the Insalata di Barbabietole e Caprino.  I’m a sucker for anything with beets and goat cheese these days, it was delightful.  The pastas that night were a spaghetti type pasta that was hollow in the middle with a tomato based sauce.  This pasta was good.  Apart from the fact that it was a nice dried pasta imported from Italy, and thus probably not cheap/easy to obtain, this could probably have been easily duplicated at home.  The second was a freshly made fettuccine pasta with a light butter sauce, pepper flakes and some sauteed broccoli raube – this was delish and light.  Refreshing actually (I’m not sure I ever described a pasta as such).  The third was a freshly made ravioli in a butter sage sauce; the filling was a combination of three mushrooms: porcini, oyster, and cremini.  This was phenomenal.  The filling was rich and complex, wonderful.  I had the osso bucco.  This was tender, fell right off the bone, delicious.  It was served on top of a barley risotto which was tasty but I’m also pretty sure I could have made this at home.

It is perfect for groups, not the best atmosphere for a date, but good food is good food.  Overall, I would definitely go back.  I highly recommend it.


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