Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eyes

Posted in Beauty by Sarah on October 28, 2009

Hello, lovelies. I know not all of you wear makeup regularly (or at all), but I thought I’d share one of my go-to cosmetic solutions that I’ve been really impressed with. It’s called “Big Beautiful Eyes” from Benefit.

I get ready at the gym in the morning and usually have less than 5 minutes to throw on some makeup. I have found that if I even take 2-3 minutes and use this, it makes a huge difference in how I look (and sometimes how I feel!).

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

This baby comes in a set of 3 colors & it looks marvelous with Forney eye colors & skin tone (though it claims to works for all eye colors). Aside from having very flattering shades, everything is combined into one, which makes application extremely quick and easy. It includes two great little brushes and a concealer palette for those rare mornings when you have little dark circles under your eyes.

I especially love how well the colors work together to provide seemingly endless color combinations from subtle daytime makeup, to polished and professional, to smoky sexy nighttime eyes (ooh la la!). Also, in case you are a little shy of the make-up brush, the kit comes with instructions on how to apply each color to create different combinations.

P209346_heroI bought mine at Sephora for around $30 and it’s been well worth it. Also, it looks like you can get a free philosophy body wash with any purchase at Sephora now, by just entering the code “Buffing” at checkout. How fabulous!


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  1. Andrea said, on October 30, 2009 at 11:13 am

    Ooooh – I think I just might have to add this to my Christmas list!

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