Bing Travel Price Predictor

Posted in Technology, Travel by Sarah on October 12, 2009

For anyone planning travel in the coming months – and that’s a lot of us! – I recommend you check out Bing Travel:

This website includes a 7 day price predictor that aggregates data from millions of round-trip, priced flight itineraries and countless combinations of origins and  destinations.  Like, Bing Travel aggregates & compiles the best travel prices and deals for the flights your searching.*


What really makes Bing great though, is that it makes airfare price predictions.  Based on rate trends and patterns, Bing will tell you whether you should wait, hold, or buy and will tell you the percentage chance that the price of the flight you’d like is going to go up, down, or remain unchanged.

For example, I’m searching for my flights home for Christmas & Bing is telling me to wait – there is a 76% chance that the fares for the flights I’m looking at will drop by more than $50.  Sweet!

* Note:  I don’t think Bing searches some discount airlines like JetBlue and Southwest.


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