Zippity do-dah

Posted in Health and Fitness by Elizabeth on October 9, 2009

Here is an exercise I do to workout my triceps.

This is called the tricep zipup.  You can do it with or without the calf raises.  You begin with your hands interlaced (I use a weight) at hip level and pull up to the top of your chest.  Keep your shoulders level with your shoulder blades pulled back.  When your hands are at the top of your chest you don’t want to have your shoulders by your ears or feel like you’re shrugging.  Then you push the weight back down – don’t let your arms go limp, keep a steady speed for both the up and down motions.  This should be done close to your body just like you’re zipping a jacket.   I usually do this with a ten pound weight like this one:

this way your hands stay close together during the exercise.  It can also be done with light dumbells (2-3lbs).   This video is a great 10 minute pilates arm workout that includes the zip-up.

Happy toning!


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